Saturday, December 18, 2004

The Holiday Spirit

The Holiday Spirit has officially taken over me. I have been possessed, my sanity has left, and my worst attributes are shining through with megawattage.

That word, that nasty word has crept into the recesses of my brain and taken up residence. It's whispering, gollum-like, "I want, I want". We all know the word well at this time of year: materialism.

It all started with Old Navy. My family has a rule: you don't buy yourself anything new right before Christmas. I received an Old Navy gift card, found several items I liked and threw caution to the wind. I spent $67 including my gift card. Granted, they were great purchases...See?! There I go, justifying it. But the worse case definitely came when I was talking to Ezra, who returned some unwanted books today, one of which was a cookbook. (We will both use cookbooks next year) He didn't buy another cookbook, and I griped at him for it. Which is utterly ridiculous because a) It's his money b) He doesn't have a kitchen to cook in until June c) One of the books he did end up buying he intended to pass on to me. So, not only was I completely selfish, but quite embarrassed because he did buy something we could share after all. Foot in mouth, and I deserve it.

My other problem is this: I come home and become like a three year old in front of the television. It's not that my family watches particularly excessive amounts of tv (though we watch our share, for sure), it's that the home environment lends my glue-age to the tv. This is a worrisome trend. Not only am I boring, and bored, and my brain is being sucked out etc, but it's my break! I have all this free time to read great books, but I spend it in front of the television. This must stop.

So, in light of the above, I am making resolutions.

1. Limit my tv watching to 2.5 hours a day (I know that still seems like a lot, but I'm not kidding when I say I'm like a 3 year old in this matter)
2. I will not buy myself anything*, any gadget, shoes, jewelry, and especially no clothing for at least 2 months. This is a big step, and it must happen. I am committing myself to only buying books.
3. And lots of them.

Let's hope I can stick to it, and thus be filled with incredible ideas for this blog! My intellect depends on it.

*movies and food excluded. and concerts. and coffee. But definitely no clothes.


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