Saturday, January 15, 2005

Revisting tortured acceptance

NY Times (I promise I will cite other sources on my next post) reports that Specialst Charles Graner was found guilty on the torture charges.

My imagination runs wild with this quote:

"The jury heard from 23 witnesses, but not from Specialist Graner, despite early statements from his lawyers that he would testify because he was the best person to explain the acts seen in the photographs."

Yeah. I can just picture the arguments over whether he should testify and "explain" the photographs. Graner's lawyers are sitting in front of him, while he stands next to a projection screen, pointer in hand, with the photographs coming up, slide show style.

"Well, here I positioned him like this, just to get him real embarrassed. And the hood was just a, a little extra, you know, and I think it just, well it gives it that oomph to finally get 'im to talk. He looks damn uncomfortable, doesn't he?"

I'm sorry. I know it's not funny. I'm bad. I'll go back in my hole now, to repost in another week.


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