Sunday, January 16, 2005

You and me...

Furthering recent attempts to bring out my inner audiophile, last night I went to The Catalyst to see the local band Devil Makes Three (you can read about them here). They're a three person band, featuring a female acoustic bass player, which makes them even cooler. Great fun songs with good vocals and simple instrumentals. Although this is my first time hearing of them, they're obviously quite popular as a good portion of the crowd was singing along. It was a great time, and not just because the band was amazing. The catalyst is such a great venue because it's semi intimate with lots of space for dancing. (Particularly hippie dancing, it's Santa Cruz after all) The whole spatial layout is just really comfortable and pleasing. Anyway, I would describe their style as bluegrass and thanks to the buzzed and smiling crowd, it was the most fun I've had a show in a long time. Which I guess isn't saying much because I never go to shows. But I'm rethinking that habit.

On a related note, I've given The Shin's Oh, inverted world another listen, and I LOVE it. So if you did the same as me, and wrote it off, I beg you, give it another try. You'll be pleasantly surprised.


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