Saturday, February 05, 2005

It's preventable.

The NY Times has a heartbreaking peice about methamphetamines. It's really worth a read, if only to get perspective on what some people are going through. A good friend of mine, one of the most kind, intelligent people I know, was addicted to meth at 14. Thank God she was young enough to be committed (in juvy), she's totally sober today and getting her degree from a UC. My friend's brother wasn't so lucky -- he stole money from his wife and was in jail for threatening to kill her and kidnap their children.

Meth isn't one of those drugs that most kids are educated about (really, why all the emphasis on pot?! It's 1/1000 as harmful as this shit). I always learned that heroin is the worst drug out there. As far as I can tell, meth is much worse. It's the hardest to get off, its effects the most drastic. Kids aren't educated about the extreme dangers of meth -- like never being able to be happy again because it rewires your brain. They must be, God help us that this never happens to someone we love.


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