Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Deep whatever

Anyone else feeling a bit disappointed with Deep Throat's identity? I mean, just some FBI guy. I was hoping it was Rehnquist. Ezra and I rented "All the Presidents Men" about a month ago, and since then I've been incredibly curious about Deep Throat's identity. Now I'm totally uninterested.


At 6/01/2005 7:20 PM, Anonymous Haggai said...

Hope you liked the movie. It's a good one! The book is also pretty great, as is the sequel they wrote, The Final Days.

At 6/01/2005 7:41 PM, Blogger Kate said...

I loved the movie! Except I thought they copped out on the ending by showing everything through a typewriter. That was definitely anti-climactic.

I got Ezra the book for his birthday with the added bonus of perhaps stealing it to check it out myself.

Didn't know there was a sequel.

At 6/02/2005 7:20 AM, Anonymous Haggai said...

The ending does seem a little jarring, but the book itself was published before Nixon resigned. I think it came out in early '74. The movie was made in '76, after the whole thing had ended. Obviously the movie would have been much longer if they had even tried to chronicle too many more of the events in any sort of detail, so they ended it where they did to stay consistent with the movie's focus, which was dramatizing the events from the perspective of the reporters. I do like what they did with ending in the newsroom as Nixon's 2nd inaugural speech is playing on the TVs around them, emphasizing the huge odds they faced in getting their story out with any sort of impact.

The Final Days is a different sort of book, all told from the perspectives of the people involved with the administration in some capacity (like David Eisenhower, Nixon's son-in-law), as opposed to the reporters telling their own story in the first book.


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