Friday, May 20, 2005


Dearest Downstairs Neighbors,

I want to take this opportunity to give you my heart felt thanks for sharing your excellent taste in music with me. I'm unsure how you found out that loud rhythmic base coming through the ceiling is my absolute fav, but you did! I appreciate that you make the effort to play my favorite music many times a week, often two or three times a day! That is dedication.

I also wanted to tell you how much I admire your perserverance!! Really, I'd no idea that someone who got visits from the police every other week for months would stick to their routine like superglue. Well, Downstairs Neighbors, you did it! I know you might think I'm sending the police to check out your genius music, but after the first ticket, I would have thought you'd get the hint. You truly deserve an award for refusing to change your music/party habits!

And the screaming...your vocal abilities are simply stunning! I'd no idea that people could make so many interesting sounds! Truly, dear Downstairs Neighbors, you've opened my eyes. I'm so, so grateful for all the things you've taught me by simply living below me. It's such great fun.

And, oh, one more thing:

Fuck You!




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