Thursday, May 19, 2005


Okay, Coffeetopia. Listen to me, and listen good.

I spent the last post, a whole twenty minutes, extolling the virtues of your honorable coffee imbibing establishment. You even have a website! But funny, you forgot to mention on said website what I saw pasted on your carmel colored walls when I came in today:

"New Hours coming!
Starting Wendesday, June 1st, Coffeetopia will be open 6am to 6pm seven days a week.
We thank you all for your patronage and support!"

Oh no you didn't.

First of all, don't take that pleasant, cheery, god-awful tone with me. "New Hours Coming!!!" I thought you were going to make my dreams come true, to extend your way too early closing time of 9pm to perhaps 10, or even later!

But no. This is really just a slap in the face. I can't believe you'd go behind my back and change your hours without consulting me, your loyal Kate. But that's what you did. And not only are you closing earlier, you're pushing back to a Mormon-like hour of 6pm. 6 pm!!!!! I certainly do not study before 6pm. I don't even eat dinner by then! When will I drink your delicious coffee now, huh?

Well I'll tell you: NEVER!

And the justification for said change of hours? Profits. It's not "profitable" to stay open past 6. Don't give me that free-market bullshit. I hate you for being a for-profit establishment. It's so over between us.


At 12/01/2005 8:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Though it may have taken me six months to reply, I must comment on your rant. See, I own Coffeetopia, and for more than eight years we stayed open until 9pm. At no time did we make any money after 6, and yes, we ARE a for-profit business. See, I have to support my wife and two kids, and some day I might even get to buy a house (!). So, do you know why Starbucks and Borders and downtown cafes are open later? They make a profit! In fact, it was after a trip to Seattle in March that I realized most cafes close around 5pm when the customers stop coming in. Doh! I wish I'd stopped trying to "do the right thing" years earlier--but at any point in our lives we just try to do the best we can, yes?
We do, unlike most local coffeehouses, offer health insurance to our folks who work 30 hrs a week, and we do that without any of the advanteges of scale that Starbucks brings to the table. We do that without aggressive, monopolistic realestate deals (Starbucks) designed to drive out local cafes at all costs. We do that by focusing on organic and free trade coffees. We showcase local artists, sell local goods, and as you noted earlier offer free wireless access through a local ISP. We also bank at a small local bank(Starbucks--B of A).
I wish you the best in the future, and wether in Santa Cruz or in Washington I urge you to support local, independant retailers who offer you great products and service instead of homogeneous multi-national corporations trying to serve their shareholders above all else.

At 12/01/2005 8:48 PM, Blogger Kate said...

Dear Coffeetopia owner,

I am thinking you didn't realize that my post was sarcastic. You will always be my favorite coffeeshop and I miss you dearly now that I've moved.

I totally understand your motivations for closing early, and I was absolutely kidding about the profit thing. I spent hundreds of dollars drinking your coffee and appreciating your fine establishment (except for this one girl that worked there that I really didn't like, especially after she started closing half and hour early and literally sprayed someone in the face with vinegar (it was an accident, but still!))

And if it makes you feel any better, I think I only went to starbucks once my whole four years there, and I couldn't even count the number of times I went to Coffeetopia.

On another note, I'm really excited that you came by and left that comment. It's amazing that you provide health insurance to your workers (obviously something I'm big on) most people with small businesses like you do not. And I promise to continue buying local.



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