Friday, May 20, 2005

SATC Bye Bye

I just finished the last four episodes of Sex and the City. I feel dumb blogging about it, but I figure I should get off my storytelling meme and prove I have feelings too! (Well, feelings that aren't related to coffee, that is)

I'm just making that leap forward, into being a "real bon-a-fide woman". This is evoking an unprecedented flow of sentimentality. As my favorite professor would say, I'm "sentimental to the fifth!" (sentimental^5... okay you might not get it, Ezra didn't) It's just.. I'm graduating. I'm leaving California in a couple months, I'm not going to be in school for the foreseeable future. That is so enormous on its own, simply because I've been attending school every year since I was five. I found this cd of all my favorite songs when I was 17. And I am in terrible touch with many of my old friends (hence the SATC sentimentality).

So watching the last episodes, where everyone is in flux, made me sentimental to the sixth. I guess I've been like Petrovsky was to Carrie, to myself. Santa Cruz has been terrible for me this year. I felt completely isolated, and I didn't do much about it. I gave in to feelings of mild depression by wasting a lot of time; in front of the tv, staring at my computer, sleeping. I was supposed to go out with a bang this year, with all A's and hopefully some solid career plans. The bang only lasted through fall quarter, and here I am withdrawn from one class, adding another in the fifth week, and amorphous career plans. The only things that kept me up to the plate this year were Ezra and the Gilmore Girls.

But, like everything came together in this great, ecstatic, beautiful pastiche in SATC, I think this summer will for me. Ezra and I will finally be back together, which makes such a difference in my day-to-day happinesss, it's stunning. I'll be working at an incredible organization, the Venice Family Clinic. I'm cutting myself off from television and starting an ambitious reading list. I will be done with school and homework, and best of all, it will be summer.

So, here's to a beautiful sunset on my time in California.
Here's to a new beginning as a career woman in DC,
Here's to love everlasting,
And so I never forget, here's to me.


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