Tuesday, May 17, 2005


As Ezra will warn you, I am a notoriously awful storyteller. Absolutely horrible. I can take the most fascinating, life-and-death, seat gripping tale and turn it into C-SPAN.

So, in my attempts to rectify this unfortunate tendency, I'm practicing by recounting my morning at Peet's.

In case you don't live on the West Coast, Peet's are a fabulous chain of coffeeshops. Peet's are warm, earthy establishments, with interior colors like olive, chestnut, and slate. Their coffee is incredible, rich and dark, and the smell, the smell , is enough to make the most ardent tea lover a coffee convert (though their tea is incredible as well). Their to-go cups have bright Indigenous art patterns around the bottom. They're also fantastically bougie places (yes, that Latte drinking, Volvo driving type place). Considering the above wonderful qualities, and my complete obsession with coffee, Peet's is favorite morning hang out.

On this particular morning Ezra and I were getting our usuals (genmaicha for him, double espresso with a bit of steamed milk for me). Drinks in hand, we were at the milk/sugar station, adding creamer and such, when a small hand reaches up to grab the sugar.

The hand belongs to a five year old girl, with gold hair in a mushroom type cut, and big round blue eyes. As she reaches for the sugar, Ezra and I stare at her, amused.

"And what are you doing?"

The little girl looks up in surprise, hand around the sugar, clearly worried us big kids might out her.

"Okay, well I won't tell your mom," I say, and, relieved that we won't be tattlers, she replies, "Oh, I won't tell my mom," and quickly pours a gigantic mound of sugar in her palm, probably the contents of at least 4 individual sugar packets. She takes a quick gulp, and scampers off, almost falling, before she stops to hide behind a display of teapots and mugs, throws back her head and inhales the rest of the two inch high mound of sugar.

Ezra and I begin to laugh hysterically, watching as the mom looks at her daughter with absolutely no clue of what just passed. We finish up with the cream and sugar, and walk out. As we leave, I look back and see the girl take a flying leap out the door, clearly enjoying her sugar high.

Kids are so awesome.


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