Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Radio Idealism

I feel as if I've lost my innocence.

As some of you know, I have an irrepressible love for all things NPR. It's my entertainment preference-- music is great and all, but NPR provides me with at least half of my current events knowledge and 90% of my interesting anecdotes. (If I had a nickel for everytime I started a story "I heard on NPR....") Despite all these most respectable and venerable qualities of NPR, I have one complaint: Stop showing photographs of your hosts without forewarning!!!

My personal favorite NPR show is Day to Day. It's the radio version of Slate, featuring Alex Chadwick, a seemingly young, dashing man with a fantastic voice. Not so, deemeth the internets! I logged on to NPR.org today to listen to the show, and there, without any warning, was a picture of Alex Chadwick! And let me tell you, he is not young or dashing. My illusion was shattered! I felt angry, betrayed, why, oh why, did you not warn me, NPR? Let me choose for myself if I want my false notions disproven! I would choose ignorance! But I was given no choice. You, dear reader, are. If you want your notions of your favorite NPR host demolished, go to the Day to Day link above and scroll down. But beware.

Incidentally, if you ever see a book by Garrison Keilor, RUN. Do not, I repeat, do not! look at him. He is a very strange looking man indeed. Keep your innocence, lest you become like me and everytime you hear his voice from now on you cannot help but imagine is enormous round eyes spaced entirely too far apart. Save yourselves, because I am ruined.

But in all seriousness, Day to Day is the best NPR show ever. Go listen.


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