Monday, June 06, 2005

Stop Complaining

Hilarious article from the free local paper on a guy who compares NPR to Clear Channel. My favorite quote by far:
Like a weed growing up through the sidewalk, Thorn is trying to find space to grow between the inane pablum of drive-time commercial radio and the sober monotony of NPR and its many imitators. And that space is hard to find.

Oh man, great weed analogy. No reporter bias here.

But really, is it any suprise that that space is hard to find? This guy is bitching the whole time about how there's no space for any other public radio, but is somehow completely blind to the fact that there just isn't demand for it. Even NPR would be a bit strapped for cash were it not for its enormous $200 million endowment from Joan Kroc.

So what, exactly, is his argument?
But what is the single most powerful force for media consolidation in America? Sure, it might be Clear Channel, but it also might be National Public Radio.

Alright buddy, you've gone too far. Listen to me good: I'm an NPR junkie. I'll take it over music anyday. My favorite birthday present by far was the NPR memorabilia (courtesy of Ezra, a Morning Edition mug and an NPR t-shirt)

Obsession aside, I also happen to be as liberal as the next girl (well, the next girl in Santa Cruz). Comparing NPR to Clear Channel? That's just delusional. First, NPR's mission is not the broadest possible share of the market, in part because they are not-for-profit. Second, they do not control the news cycle, as there are hundreds of print sources, many with much more influence. Whereas Clear Channel practically dictates if a musician can, well, can even become an musician.

Buddy, you seem frustrated. A bit.. self-aggrandizing. I think you got a little lost in the Santa Cruz grass and woke up in...well, frankly, I don't think you woke up. It's definitely time to get out of the Santa Cruz bubble.


At 6/06/2005 9:37 PM, Blogger hannah said...

NPR a force of MEDIA CONSOLIDATION??? Haha! Yup, NPR just goes around Buying Up our home grown radio stations by the dozen. *chuckle* what an idiot!

and yes the weed analogy is precious - compare the "good" radio station ("Thorn") to an infrastructure-destroying, ugly nasty pest. such thoughtful journalism. Why not a Daisy or a Dandilion or even a frigging Cactus...

*sigh* yay for Santa Cruz


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