Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Un Apologia

Dear reader,

I know I owe you an explanation about my absence. It's my obligation to inform you about the exciting happenings of the last week. I know you feel neglected and jealous due to my failure to update. I'm terribly sorry, and promise not to do it again. Please don't get angry like you did last time...I'm so sorry.

First of all, I had to attend a debutante ball. It was a big high society affair, and though I respect your unique and special...qualities, I'm just not sure you would have fit in. I tried to get the committee to invite all 50 or so of you, but they just felt they couldn't accomodate so many incredibly interesting people. Their loss, believe me.

Then I had to go to Santa Cruz early the next morning for my graduation. I know some of you felt angry that I didn't invite you, but it was all the way in California, and I really didn't know how you'd behave, and let's just say I was proved right. I know three of you showed up as streakers, running down the hill, and finally taking a big, ostentatious bow for your naked feat, all to get me back for my thoughtlessness.

And it was you, wasn't it, that made my family dawdle and miss the final tour of the Hearst Castle! After driving for 6 hours, I know you saw that pitifully sad look of disappointment on our faces when we found out we'd missed the last tour by 15 mintures. But you just had to have your fun....

Oh, I see your plan unfolding. You caused the horrible traffic as I arrived in LA this afternoon! It's you, sabotaging my every move because you believe I've forgotten you.

Listen reader, I know I didn't invite you along on all my plans and adventures, but my hands were tied! I can't help my enormously busy schedule! I care dearly about you, but if you sabotage this vacation one more time... if I get so much as a splash of water of me at Universal Studios tomorrow, it's over.

And yes, I've moved to Los Angeles.




At 11/25/2005 12:14 PM, Anonymous joyce small said...

I just wanted to late Kate
know that me and husband did
the same thing when we visited
the Hearst Castle for the first
time. We missed the last tour
also. We finally had to make
another trip to San Francisco
before we saw the wonders
that is the Hearst Castle.


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