Saturday, September 10, 2005

Funny how things change

From NYT
At mid-afternoon on that Monday, a few hours after Katrina made landfall, state and federal leaders appeared together at a press conference in Baton Rouge in a display of solidarity.

Governor Blanco lavished her gratitude on Mr. Brown, the FEMA chief.

"Director Brown," she said, "I hope you will tell President Bush how much we appreciated - these are the times that really count - to know that our federal government will step in and give us the kind of assistance that we need." Senator Mary L. Landrieu pitched in: "We are indeed fortunate to have an able and experienced director of FEMA who has been with us on the ground for some time."

Mr. Brown replied in the same spirit: "What I've seen here today is a team that is very tight-knit, working closely together, being very professional doing it, and in my humble opinion, making the right calls."

I think you all know what happened next.

In retrospect, it's unimaginable that there was ever a moment like this. But before lake Pontchartrain started dumping its murderous waters into the city, it seemed the worst had been spared, and the city had escaped once again.

If only it'd stayed that way.


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