Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Poll for thought

Excellent post over at Health Care Renewal on a recent health care opinion poll.

I'm not going to cite the whole thing, but go look. The key here is two conflicting opinions on health care costs. (At least if you're a liberal and want to enact serious reform).

The good news:

71% cite high profits made by drug companies and insurance companies as major causes of increasing health care costs.

The bad news:

58% cite the number of malpractice lawsuits as a major cause of increasing health care costs.

So, we've successfully convinced the public that drug and insurance companies make too much money and abuse clients. But we haven't been able to pound in the malpractice-costs-mean-nothing-argument.

Remember folks, all malpractice costs add up to less than ONE HALF OF ONE PERCENT of health care spending in the US.

More on this later.


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