Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Non health care blogging

I'm sorry to get all live journal on you guys tonight. But I've got a pretty hilarious development at home, and I just have to post pictures.

My dog, due to her self-inflicted nasty ass sore (see above) has gotten her first cone!

It's just too funny. She keeps running into corners (now that her head has inexpicably increased its circumference five fold).

In other news, I have a new top fifteen (I just can't choose ten) favorite movie. Mad Hot Ballroom. This film is incredible. It's a documentary following New York City P.S. fifth graders as they take their required ballroom dance class and the resulting competition. But the children are amazing. So many of them are beautifully wise beyond their years, eloquent, and fabulous dancers. And they're 11! They dance so much better than I ever will. But I'm okay with that because they are such awesome kids!

Seriously though, you should see the film. My cheeks hurt because I smiled through the whole thing. It's inspiring. Go see it! What are you still hanging around this ol' site for?

One more thing: Go read Ezra's post on Wal-mart over at Tapped. I was going to make pretty much the same point, but why waste your time when Ezra does it way better than I would have?

Thanks for indulging this of "epiphanies: live journal edition". I promise to temper these types of posts.


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